Match Day Mascot Scheme

Worcester City Football Club (WCFC) is keen to open our doors and invite youngsters, their parents, family, and friends to experience the regular match day drama at what is the biggest, oldest, and most famous football club in the area.

To this end… we are offering youngsters the chance of attending our home games as our match day mascots! This very popular and successful scheme is aimed at youngsters who can participate either as part of a junior sports team, a club, a school, or other group.

The scheme is free to all youngsters of primary school age and consists of the following…


  • 1.45pm - Arrive on foot at the Claines Lane entrance.
  • All Mascots & Supervising Adults (max 2 per squad) are admitted for free. All other adults & Over 12s pay.
  • 2pm - A short tour of the facilities takes place for Mascots & Supervising Adults only… while parents/adults can visit the Club House Bar!
  • Visit the 3G Artificial Turf Pitch (ATP) for a pre-match penalty warm up & coaching session.
[*]Pre match parental photos & filming by WCFC TV – streamed live in Club House Bar.

  • 2.45pm Mascots only escort players onto the pitch for pre match Fair Play introductions.

  • Watch the first half from main stands or terrace with parents & coaches.

  • 3.45pm Return to the 3G ATP for a shoot-out in the sudden death Penalty Champion decider… meet with No 1 City Fan…Georgie Dragon. Parents/adults can watch or re-visit the Club House Bar if desired!
    • Watch second half from the main stands or terrace with
    • parents & supervising adults.
    • 4.50pm – After match complimentary squash drink for mascots & supervising adults in the Club House Bar with player autograph hunting. Please supply your own pens for autographs. More parental photo opportunities, as well as Penalty Champion Presentation.

    Note: In addition, there will be a free optional feature in the match day programme. Please also note that programmes are limited and available at £2 each… early purchase is therefore strongly recommended. Alternatively, programmes can be reserved in advance upon booking confirmation.

    Note: Mascots & Supervising Adults will need to arrive in kit and bring a change of footwear to include regular trainers and artificial ground football boots suitable for an Artificial Turf Pitch (ATP), see strict WFA user footwear guidance as supplied separately. Regular football boots and/or dirty footwear are not permitted on the ATP or in the Club House Bar.

    Note: Matchday arrangements are subject to changes/postponements beyond the control of WCFC. Where this is so, we apologise in advance and ask you to note that alternative dates can be arranged, if required. Furthermore, to avoid unnecessary travel, we recommend that Supervising Adults check the WCFC website for any match cancellation prior to setting off.

    Note: All visitors accompanying mascots are advised to purchase matchday tickets and parking spaces via the club website, in advance during the week leading up to the fixture.

    Note: WCFC reserve the right to host more than one mascot group at any home game.


    If you would like to find out more about how to experience this exciting
    opportunity for your child(ren), their school(s), or their club(s) or team(s), etc., then please contact… Bosko Medakovic, Senior Coach (FA Level 2), WCFC & Supporters Trust – Community Coaching Team - 07979725196 Or EMAIL.