WCFC TV Channel

WCFC TV Channel

WCFCTV first came onto the scene back in 2009 filming interviews and news throughout the Club and shown on the TV screens in the bar at St Georges Lane.

As our time at St Georges Lane was coming to a close, in 2011/12 it became apparent that there was not a great deal of film showing action from City games, so WCFCTV started to cover games which were shown on our new Youtube Channel - Highlights are hosted on our Youtube Channel.

We endeavoured to film as much of the club as possible and we covered 45 games during the 2012/13 Season including the final ever league game at The Lane v Chester.
During our first year at Aggborough, the 2013/14 season, we filmed 50 out of 51 games and for the 2014/15 season we filmed all 53 games, the only club in The Conference North & South to film all of their games.

Filming the games has led to a lot of publicity for the Club and Players including probably our finest moment with the now famous Sean Geddes "Rabona"which became a global sensation. The goal saw Sean Geddes winning Runner-Up in a Sky Sports Goal of The Year award for 2014 (pictured above) and latterly the same goal was awarded Non League Goal of The Season for 2014/15. We didn't make it onto the shortlist for FIFA Puskas Award for 2015 but the very fact that we were in with a chance was great for the Club!

A few Rabona stats: The Sean Geddes' "Rabona" goal in our FA Trophy game at Home to Barrow, went viral and has been seen millions of times across various media around the World. It is a goal we think should be seen by as many people as possible so we have allowed it to be copied. We knew we were onto something when it received 5,000 views over night. By 3pm on Sunday afternoon after the game, it had been seen by 50,000 times on our channel and within 24 hours 100,000. As of 11/02/15 it has received 199,000 views with our edited clip having been seen nearly 12,000 times. After City player (at the time) Michael Taylor added the clip to his Vine Account the goal received over 10 million loops!

The Geddes Rabona was shared with TV Companies around the World as well as Sky Sports (as mentioned above) and even on Match of The Day! If you haven't yet seen it, you can watch it here on WCFCTV

As of 1/9/2019 the City v Barrow Highlights stand on 205,000 views with the edited clip on 55,000 but the biggest viewing we can find is on 45 Million views on a clip 20 Goals if they were not filmed, nobody would believe it - check that clip here

Once again Worcester City have made World sporting headlines!

This time it was a team member of the opposition - Ricky Drury - who was centre stage. With City leading 0-1 in the fourth minute of added time at Holbeach United in the FA Cup, Goalkeeper Drury went up and scored an overhead kick from the edge of the box. Within an hour of going on line the goal had been seen 12,000 times! By the 1pm Sunday it reached 100,000 views and by Monday afternoon, less then 48 hours later - 500,000 views!

On Monday 28th September we finally reached 1 Million Views on The WCFCTV Channel - (which doesn't take into account all of the copied videos)

The Holbeach goal is featured on the websites of:

BBC Sport
The Daily Mirror
The Guardian
The Independent
The Telegraph
The Sport Bible
and a host of others from around the World.

Great publicity not just for the Club but for WCFCTV Sponsors at the time: Ron Sims, Xerox (UK) Ltd and Arrange My Group and of course the club main sponsor M Pinches Transport

12th November 2015 Update

In the period 26th September to 12th November we had 1,000,511 individual views on our youtube channel. During that period Sean Geddes was announced as Hereford & Worcester Sports Personality of The Year and The Best of Sean Geddes was shown at the awards Presentation Night held at The Sixways Stadium, Worcester.

Another City Film

Our Club Film about the run in the FA Cup 2014/15- "The Steps of a Giantkiller" was shown at The Worcestershire Film Festival to a full house at The Worcester Arts Workshop on the eve of our FA Cup 1st Round game at Sheffield United.

WCFCTV has been viewed in 221 Countries and Dependencies around the World, from Aruba to Armenia, from Laos to Lesotho and from Vanuatu to Vietnam.

May 2019 Update

The main idea with WCFCTV after leaving St Georges Lane was to keep the club into public eye, so as long as people are watching & keeping in touch, we are fulfilling our desired outcome. So it hasn't ever been a concern to use how many Channel Subscribers we have - that was until Youtube changed their policies which stopped us earning for advertising placed on some of the Ads - which meant we required 1000+ subscribers. We were stuck in the 900's until we put an appeal out in May where we gained 300 subscribers in a weekend, pushing us up to 1200!! So if you watch our highlights please subscribe you the channel - it is totally FREE.

Interest in Filming?

If you have an interest in anything to do with Filming games or production, looking to gain experience or if you would like to help run WCFCTV please CONTACT WCFCTV we would love to have you on board.

For all the latest action please visit TheWCFCTV Channel