Worcester City FC - Fans Loyalty Card

Worcester City FC - Fans Loyalty Card

At the game v Wolverhampton Casuals, everyone entering the ground was given a “Loyalty Card.”

The card is simply that, a loyalty card. Every time you come to a home game, get your card stamped. It doesn’t matter if you miss games, simply produce your card at the entrance every time you come to a game until the end of the season. If you missed the Wolverhampton Casuals game, you will be able to pick one up at any of the remaining games.

This card is designed for one reason, to remember all of the fans that come to watch the club and at some point in the future, reward their loyalty. That could come in any number of formats, such as guaranteeing Cup Tickets. This season hasn’t been the best but our Fans have remained incredibly loyal and we will remember that loyalty.

Unless you are a Season Ticket holder or more recently pay online for tickets, we previously had no way of knowing who is coming to our games and as we have found out in the past, some fans have missed out when it came to the big games.

So at this moment in time, simply get your card stamped everytime you enter the ground and keep hold of your card.

If you are already a season ticket holder or 10 game season ticket holder, you can still take part and get your card stamped.