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Message from Rev Jeff Porter Club Chaplain

Message from Rev Jeff Porter Club Chaplain

Lee Jackson10 Sep 2022 - 16:53
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Let us keep the faith

“Her Majesty The Queen was a long-standing Patron of The Football Association and has left a lasting and indelible legacy on our national game” read the opening words of the recent statement from the FA.

Although I was born in 1966, I have seen many times the picture of Queen Elizabeth handing Bobby Moore the World Cup at Wembley. For so many important events, the Queen has been there, a constant presence in a changing world. I have my personal memories, remembering the time when I was at primary school and she came to visit my home town. More recently attending one of the garden parties at Buckingham Palace as Chaplain to the then Chairman of Wychavon District Council. Like most people, I did not know the Queen, but it felt like I did and so the sense of loss for individuals and our nation is profound.

Yet at Worcester City we are encouraged as the Faithful City to “Keep the Faith.” It is something that the Queen did all of her life. Her faith in Jesus Christ sustained her through the good and the bad times.

As a sign of respect, football matches are postponed from 9-11 September. Yet, when we kick-off once more, let us honour the legacy of Her Majesty the Queen.

Let us keep the faith, and support our team through the ups and the downs, remembering that although sometimes it doesn’t feel it... the truth is... there is more to life than football.

- Rev Jeff Porter Club Chaplain

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