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1. Support the Team directly

Team Builder is a monthly club fundraising initiative costing £5 per month with the proceeds going directly to support the Playing Budget.

We welcome every single person that wants to help the Club.

It is very quick and simple to set up and there are a range of payment options:

To pay monthly at £5 per month, which will give you one entry per month - JOIN TEAMBUILDER £5 PER MONTH You can also opt to pay £10 per month which will give you TWO entries per month - this payment is made using GO CARDLESS on this website and you will need to be a registered user of the club website.

For a one off yearly payment of £60, which will give you one entry per month for 12 months JOIN TEAMBUILDER ONE OFF PAYMENT. You can also opt to pay £120 which will give you TWO entries per month for 12 months.

To make a one off payment of £5 for the next month only, this will give you one single entry into the next draw TAKE PART IN THE NEXT MONTHLY TEAM BUILDER - this payment is by card via the WCFC ONLINE STORE.

It is also possible to join on a matchday by visiting the fundraising table in the clubhouse.

There is one main prize every month plus other smaller prizes but with the emphasis that this fundraiser is primarily to help the club get a winning team. All draws run one month behind (EG the August draw takes place in September)

Prizes at the current time are:

First Prize: £100
Second Prize: £25
Third Prize: £10

The monthly winners can be found here.

For the draw we now use the Wheel Of Nameswhich means everyone taking part can see that their name is in the draw. The draw takes place on the closest Home game to the 15th of the following month. All of the draws are recorded and posted on the club website.

Thanks to your support we managed to raise over £7000 during the 2021/22 Season with an average of 140 people taking part. The fund is used as and when required, helping to bring in Bailey Fuller last season. Every entry counts and will go towards helping our Team Manager Tim Harris get the squad he wants.

Ken Johnson
Team Builder Manager
Last Updated Thursday 16th June 2022